A beautiful complexion is in most cases no coincidence. Rather, it is the result of a healthy lifestyle and a skin care routine that not only follows a specific sequence, but which uses products optimised to your individual skin type.

Whether you have dry, oily, sensitive, easily irritated, mixed or normal skin; your skin care should be tailored to the needs of your skin.

There is no one-size-fits-all solution unfortunately, but fortunately, there are products available to provide the care your face needs and deserves.

The following tips will help you to care for your face in the best possible way.

Properly cleansed skin

Every skin care routine should start by cleansing and toning to remove built-up impurities.

Oil-based residues such as make-up and excess sebum are washed off during cleansing, along with water-based impurities such as old skin cells, dust, bacteria, and perspiration. Cleansing prepares the skin for subsequent care, but most importantly, subsequent active ingredients can now be better absorbed.

It is important to include cleansing as part of your skin care routine day and night, and to use a skin care product specially developed for your skin type.

Cleansing with water only is not enough

Many people believe that regularly cleaning the face with lukewarm water is sufficient for maintaining cleansed skin. This is particularly true when the person rarely wears make-up. After all, why would a cleanser be necessary is there is no make-up to be removed?

In reality it is not only make-up that can affect the skin. Dirt particles are also deposited on facial skin during the course of the day and night, and the skin itself produces sebum which can cause impurities such as pimples and blackheads. Using water alone to clean the face does not remove all dirt.

Sebum, which is an oily, waxy substance produced by the body's sebaceous glands contains more than 50% fatty acids and cleansing with water alone is not enough to remove this, so it is important to always use a suitable cleanser for your skin type.

Use gentle foams for facial care

Regular masks are important (see comment on this later) but gentle foams should be a part of your skin routine to remove excess skin flakes and to make the skin smoother.

The application of a foam cleanses the skin deep into the pores and prevents the formation of pimples and blackheads.

A foam such as EVENSWISS® Purifying Cleansing Foam is specifically formulated to remove sebum and other dirt from impure skin.

Use a facial tonic to complete the cleansing process

After cleansing your face, you should apply a cleansing tonic to your skin. Its purpose is to moisturise and soften the skin to leave it looking fresh and youthful.

At the risk of sounding repetitive, it is important to use a product that suits your skin. It should not irritate your skin or cause redness.

Using a cream to moisturise

Your skin care routine should include the use of appropriate facial creams. In addition to daily cleansing, creams help care for the face leaving it with a glowing complexion.

Again, it is important to choose a product that is suited to your skin type and its specific needs. Gently apply a small amount of whatever cream you use, to the face, using a light patting action rather than rubbing.

Day creams help provide the skin with long-lasting moisture. In addition, day creams strengthen the skin barrier against external influences that can attack the skin such as UV rays or toxins in the air.

Apply cream to the face at the end of your cleansing ritual. Day creams such as Balancing Complex or Base Formula Face also provide a good basis for subsequent make-up application.

You should also use a face cream at night to care for your skin. This is the time during which your facial skin can recover or regenerate so that the appearance of the skin will feel fresh the next morning.

EVENSWISS® facial care products are all suitable for day and night use, but for night use we particularly recommend the rich and intensively caring Rich Regenerating Cream or Sublime Revealing Mask.

Treating specific skin problems with a concentrated serum or booster.

Boosters are a good addition for intensive facial care and are used to treat skin problems such as dry, dull, or loose skin. Special products also help to reduce wrinkles, visibly reduce age spots, or make bags or dark circles under the eyes smaller. There is even a booster for revitalizing the scalp, formulated to stimulate hair growth and prolong the life cycle of hair.

Regularly incorporating boosters into your skin care routine will help keep your skin looking youthful and fresh.

EVENSWISS® Boosters are suitable for use on all skin types.

Don’t forget your eyes

You should not forget to look after your eyes during your daily skin care routine. When removing make-up, it is important to use gentle products that are suitable for cleansing the sensitive eye area, and to avoid rubbing the eyes unnecessarily.

There are specially tailored products for eye care, not only due to the sensitivity of the area around the eyes but also because it’s one of the main areas on the face where wrinkles and fine lines are likely to appear. The skin around the eyes is also very thin, so it’s not enough to use creams designed for other areas of the face.

EVENSWISS® products are designed to reduce the appearance of wrinkles around the eyes while also relieving swelling (puffy eyes) and concealing any darker areas or circles around or under the eyes.

Effective ingredients provide the eyes with the nutrients they need for regeneration to keep your eyes looking fresh and radiant.

Regular masks provide the skin with nutrients

Face masks help keep the skin fresh and vital.

In everyday life, facial skin is exposed to many different stresses, including environmental toxins and unfavourable weather conditions. It is therefore advisable to use masks regularly. Depending on the mask, it fulfils different functions: cleansing the skin intensively, removing excess skin cells, and moisturising the skin.

Which product is most suitable depends on your skin type. If you have dry skin, you should use moisturising masks; oily skin, on the other hand, has different needs as it tends to be impurified and greasy.

As a rule, it makes sense to use a rich face mask once a week for intensive care of the facial skin.

Caring for mature skin

It’s probably fair to say that most people would love skin that is firm, even, and free of impurities. With age however, fine lines, wrinkles and age spots will inevitably appear but thankfully there are many products available that help to delay visible signs of skin aging.

Not surprisingly, mature skin has different needs than youthful skin, and that’s why you should always adjust your skin care products accordingly.

EVENSWISS® Rejuvenating Serum is a cream that effectively helps the facial skin to renew itself, making it ideal for mature skin. This serum can be applied to the face and neck - in the morning and evening - after cleansing.  Used in combination with Booster No. 1 – Wrinkles, it tightens the skin noticeably, keeping it looking youthful and fresh.

Be consistent

It is important not to irritate the skin unnecessarily, and while trying out a new product from time to time is completely normal, it is important to avoid switching between brands too often. In addition, once you have found a skin care product that you like and which seems to work for you, it makes sense to choose your other skin care products for your daily skin care routine from the same brand. There is a high probability that you will cope better with products in the same care range than if you use many different products from different manufacturers.

Skincare ranges are often designed to care for a specific skin type; meeting associated skin needs, and complementing each other.

Ensuring that you choose a skincare range that really suits the particular needs of your skin will help you achieve beautiful, fresh, and glowing skin.

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